1970's Bay Window Westfalia

A cult classic, vintage surf camper. There is no better representation of the California spirit. It may be the oldest of our selection, but is by no margin lacking anything compared to it's newer counterparts. Our personal favorite!

Sporting a 1.7L air cooled engine, this generation of Volkswagen van runs on a more classic VW motor, both in spirit and sound. The versions we rent, affectionately called T2b, "Breadloaf", or "Late bay" are of the later generation of T2 vans produced, before the company redesigned to the boxy Vanagon in 1979. 

Westfalia versions of the T2b featured all the comforts of home, effectively growing the Westfalia name into a brand that took the world by storm. The success is attributed to the usefulness of the Bay Window camper vans being great as both a recreational, and every day vehicle. For most consumers who could afford only one vehicle, it was a no brainer what to buy.

Bay Window Rates


4 Night Minimum-975.00

1980's Vanagon Westfalia

A slightly more modern step up from the older 1970's bay window camper van. The Vanagon Westfalia sees a few more slight improvements in it's long production lifetime. Still plenty of character left to enjoy, and eclectic 80's styling to boot! 

Of the most successful camper vans ever made, the Volkswagen T3, or Vanagon, bus is probably the most commonly sighted of all it's brothers on the roadways today, and for good reason! By 1983, Volkswagen had phased out the old air cooled engine with a new water cooled boxer setup, effectively making the vehicle more reliable.

Enthusiasts often refer to the Vanagon styled vans as "The Wedge" due to it's new boxy lines, and sharp corners compared to the older rounded T2 vans.


Vanagon Rates


4 Night Minimum-975.00

1990's - 2000's Eurovan Westfalia

A trade off of personality for a modern experience, the Eurovan has more features, safety measures, and is ideally more user-friendly all around. A fantastic choice for those extra long journeys where comfort is king!

By the time these Volkswagen T4 Eurovans had arrived, the Westfalia name had already earned itself a cult following. Of course, it only grew larger as the new, now 2.5L water-cooled front engined vans came in to play, earning their own cult following all together.

The second generation T4 vans where even equipped with VW's award winning VR6 motor, before production ended in '03, marking the end of Volkswagen vans for the US market. The Westfalia branded versions at the pinnacle of functionality and comfort, leaving us with the most refined Volkswagen camper van yet.

Eurovan Rates


4 Night Minimum-975.00

A Basic Westfalia Interior Layout

(Some Vans may Differ)

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